Keeping good study habits

Good afternoon!

How are you? I find myself waffling between being very motivated and feeling like myself to easily distracted and restless. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.
My family and I are into a routine, of sorts, including exercising, cooking, housekeeping, and school work.

For students, these are most unusual times in terms of their learning. There is a big difference between choosing to learn online and being forced to. Either way, it’s important for students not to forget everything they’ve learned so far this year. Study skills are even more important now that we are learning and living in the same space.

Some things to keep in mind when preparing to study:

  • rioritize work before starting. Look at due dates and the amount of work required to finish it. Always give yourself more time than you need; something always seems to come up.
  • Create a dedicate study space. It can be very comfortable to work on your bed but it doesn’t always lead to your best work.
  • Eliminate distractions to focus. (I often use a white noise playlist on Spotify or YouTube for this.)
  • Set daily goals, even if they are small. This helps with a feeling of accomplishment which in turn boosts confidence.I hope you found this helpful.

Stay healthy, stay safe.